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Five Ways to Improve Your Group Sales Meetings

May 30, 2019


The next time you conduct a sales meeting with your team, write down the cost of holding it. Be sure to include the payroll costs AND the conversations not occurring with prospects and clients. Take a look at the final number and ask yourself: Is this meeting going to pay for itself?

Sales managers coach their salespeople to apply delayed-…

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Why Is Listening So Hard For Sales Professionals?

May 23, 2019

We’ve all heard the phrase, “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.”  The inference is that we should all listen more and talk less. This isn’t a new revelation or even close to thought leadership.

However, listening is a continuing challenge most sales organizations continue to deal with as they try to prevent ‘show-up and throw up’ sales meetings. There are several reasons that salespeople struggle with listening skills.

#1:  Focus. Listening requires paying attention and…

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Effective Sales Management Is Emotion Management

May 17, 2019

You’ve hired a good salesperson but the reality is you’ve also hired a human being. And even really good human beings bring faults and blind spots that will need to be addressed. (Anyone reading this married, in a serious relationship or raising children?) If you want to know how to be a good sales manager, remember the importance of emotion management when addressing sales performance issues.

For example, a sales…

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The No. 1 Reason Sales Managers Hire Culture Misfits

May 09, 2019


There’s always been a lot of talk about company values and culture. But sales managers continue to hire salespeople that wreak havoc on their sales culture. For example: the proverbial bull in a china shop that always achieves quota but breaks a lot of glass while doing so. It might be the salesperson whose bad attitude spreads like a virus. Or it’s the salesperson that shows up demanding everything be perfectly in in order before they can be…

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How Much are Objections Costing Your Sales Organization?

May 02, 2019

Meet Eddie. He is the sales elephant in the room. He represents the unspoken objections, the ones salespeople dread bringing up or avoid all together for fear that such a discussion will kill the deal.

As a result of this false belief, most salespeople miss the real meeting, the one that occurs after the sales meeting. This is the meeting where the prospects convene and discuss the real concerns about purchasing your products and services.    

  • “I like their offerings, but they…
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Is Your Sales Team More Committed to Success Than Your Prospects?

April 24, 2019

Jill is one of those great salespeople you wish you could duplicate. She works hard, has a great attitude, does what she says she’s going to do and delivers high value for customers. But sometimes, these great attributes become an Achilles heel for Jill. She is so committed to helping her clients be successful that she often wastes time and energy with prospects that are whiners, not winners.    

You know this prospect.

They whine about multiple…

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3 Ways to Make a Sales Comeback

April 17, 2019

Tiger Woods produced one of the greatest comebacks in sports history last weekend, winning the Masters. It was his first win at a major in 11 years. Many, including Woods, counted him out of the game after public scandals rocked his golden image and four back surgeries impaired his ability to play.   

His story provides many lessons for coming back from defeat and failure. Like golf, there will be times in your sales career when you are in serious need of a comeback. You’re in a sales slump and…

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Is Self-Absorption Affecting Sales Success?

April 09, 2019

Is it possible that living in a selfie society is affecting sales results? Sales success? You know, that insatiable desire to take a picture of yourself -- regardless of what you’re doing -- and immediately post it on all the social media channels. The goal is to make sure everyone knows just how cool and successful you are. 

This self-absorption can adversely affect your prospecting and sales efforts because the best salespeople are other-absorbed, not self-absorbed. They practice the mantra:

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What Do Prospects REALLY Want?

April 04, 2019

It’s been over 20 years ago that I ran one of my first sales calls in this business of sales training and speaking. And one of those early sales conversations taught me a lot about what prospects really want.

The vice-president of sales, Michael, was my champion and set up a meeting with the company president, Bob. The three of us met, I framed up the sales call asking the president what would be of most value to…

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Perseverance, Resiliency and Revenues

March 20, 2019


A few years ago, I was talking to a successful colleague who also is in the sales-training business. Pete had just returned from an appointment where the purpose was to close a $100K deal. Upon arriving at the company, his supposed-to-be new client apologized and said the company had decided to sell the firm.

 “Uggh,” I said. “What did you do?” 

He responded without missing a beat, “Some will, some won’t, moving on.…

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