Why We Love the Olympics

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Posted: August 8, 2012
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People all over the world are glued to their TV sets, watching and cheering on their favorite athletes.  It is one of the rare times that the world seems to be on the same page, supporting this wonderful event.

Every Olympics provides great lessons in life and in this case, business.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I welcome hearing the lessons you are learning from these athletes. 

  • Have fun. The father of super swimmer, Missy Franklin, Richard Franklin, said it best.  “When the fun goes down, the work goes up.”  Despite the stress that accompanies this level of competition, Missy and her teammates truly look like they are having a good time.  I wonder how many of us are having enough fun at work. Could all of us do a better job of working hard AND playing hard? (Maybe we should take a tip from this team and incorporate a little dancing in our warm-up for each day...Click on picture to view video.)
  • Commitment.  Gabby Douglas, gold medal gymnast, moves away from her family to train with elite coach, Liang Chow, in Iowa.  Oscar Pistorius, from South Africa, is a double amputee competing in track and field.  Their stories are one of commitment and desire.  Makes me wonder even more why some salespeople aren’t committed to learning something as simple as their company’s value proposition!  
  • Get a support team.  I love hearing the stories of parents that worked two jobs to pay for lessons or training.  It’s fun watching kids cheer for their Mom or Dad while they are competing.   And it’s great to watch teammates give each other a sincere high five to a fellow team member, even when they are competing against one another.  Who’s in your court cheering for you every day?  As the famous business philosopher Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you hang with the most.”  Make sure you are hanging with the right people.    

Thank you Olympians.  You inspire us and make us better, even if we are just sitting on the couch watching you!