What Sales Choices Did You Make This Month?

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Posted: March 29, 2012
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Dr. Phil wrote a book a few years ago titled,Life Strategies. There are many concepts covered in the book, however, the main focus is on choices. His point is that everyone has the freedom to make choices. And with such decisions follow consequences, both good and bad.

Salespeople make choices every week that can either add or inhibit their success.  Here are some of the choices that make a difference in average or excellent sales results.

  • Effective salespeople choose to take time to plan their week.  They calendar block time for proactive business development instead of hoping they will find time to prospect for new opportunities.  By choosing to plan, they focus on the highest return sales activities instead of letting “shiny objects” take over the week. 

  • A salesperson chooses to become masterful or stay average.  They write down  responses from prospects that “stump” them and then figure out a better way to redirect the statement or questions other than, “Huh….I don’t know.”  They refuse to stay average and seek out advice and wisdom because they know five heads are better than one. 

  • Salespeople choose what to think, and as a result, what to believe.  Research shows that actions follow beliefs so if you keep telling yourself that everyone is buying on price, you are correct.  On the other hand, if you choose to believe that prospects have money and want to invest it with you, your sales results and margins will reflect those thoughts. 

  • The excellent salesperson chooses how they want to show up every day.  He practices emotional intelligence and is an expert at emotion management.  Tough events or people don’t deter him from being professional, polite and confident.  Emotionally intelligent salespeople understand you can’t control what happens some days, but you can control how you choose to respond. 

What choices are you making every day?  Are they supporting or defeating your end goals?   As Dr. Phil quotes in his book, “You create your own experience.  You own your life.”

Good Selling and Choices,

Colleen Stanley

Chief Selling Officer