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Posted: February 13, 2008
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Welcome to the SalesLeadership blog. We look forward to sharing the ‘real’ side of sales and sales leadership with you.

Two of the core values at SalesLeadership is be the real deal and be real smart. Translation: prospects and customers buy from salespeople who are genuine, full of good intention and understand the business of business.

Salespeople who are genuine score high in likeability. They are likeable because they don’t show up using outdated, high pressure selling techniques. They show up with the right intent and do what’s best for the customer and their business. And sometimes that means walking away from business---even if you have the ability to close the deal!
Remember, all business is not good business.

Today’s global economy requires smart salespeople who know how to apply what they do to their customer’s business. It’s no longer good enough to spew features, advantages and benefits in the hope that some of the data will resonate with the customer. Today’s sales professional must be able to integrate local, national and world trends into their selling proposition in order to create real value for the customer. For example, I have a client who calls on realtors and lenders. At their sales retreat, training centered on the importance of teaching their customers how to sell to the baby boomers and Generation X and Y. This information has nothing to do with the product they provide, it has everything to do with being a valuable partner for their clients.

Thanks for joining us. We look forward to hearing your real world examples of sales excellence, being the real deal and being real smart.