Tough times call for tough sales leaders

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Posted: October 28, 2010
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Winston Churchill  quotes, ‘The price of greatness is responsibility.’   It is often the goal of a great sales  producer to move into sales management.  And with that move comes additional responsibilities other than personal production.   A sales manager is charged with helping each sales person see and achieve their personal best.   He is charged with keeping the team fired up when fires are burning all around!  And she is charged with leading  the charge when others might be in doubt.  Good economies hide many flaws, poor sales leadership being one.   It is in tough economic times that true  sales leaders are uncovered, discovered and poor sales leaders are discarded and disregarded.  Here is the first of four C’s of strong sales leadership during tough times:  C- oaching:  Great sales leaders recognize that one more strategy meeting at the corporate office isn’t going to make a difference to the people slugging it out in the field.  They leave the comfort of meetings and box lunches to join the road warrior to evaluate, mentor and coach.  Sometimes the old way of doing things just isn’t working; however, the salesperson needs a second set of eyes to help see a new and better way of acquiring and keeping business.    It also makes perfect sense to meet the people that are writing your paycheck, the customer.  Who better to tell you what and how is important to them right now.   Stay tuned for future tips on tough sales leaders.  Good Selling! Colleen Stanley Chief Selling Officer