Tough Times Call For Tough Leaders - Part II

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Posted: November 2, 2010
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C –ompetition: We are getting close to Thanksgiving so give thanks for good competitors.  They keep you from getting complacent.  Here’s more good news about competition.  They are human beings so sometimes they get complacent!   This might be a good time to see if  your competitor has fallen asleep at the wheel.  Are they taking clients for granted?  Are they trying to cut cost and only delivering good service---not great service.   Is there a gap in their product service offering because they are not responding to new needs demanded by the customer.   Now turn that scenario around and ask yourself the same questions!  Your best client is someone else’s best prospect.  Make sure you are wide awake and taking care of your best asset:   repeat customers.  Stay tuned for more tips,  Good Selling, Colleen Stanley Chief Selling Officer