Tis the Sales Season To Give

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Posted: December 13, 2011
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We’ve lived through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, all marketing campaigns geared to get people to spend money on gifts for the upcoming Christmas and holiday season. 

Giving and receiving presents is nice, however, there are lots of ways that salespeople can give throughout the year that make a real difference for themselves, their colleagues and their clients.   

Instead of featuring myself this month on the newsletter, I decided to share the story of Johnny the Bagger.  Johnny heard Barbara Glanz, well known author and speaker, talk about customer service and making a difference.  He took the message to heart and decided  to make a difference to his customers by sharing a positive thought with them every day.  (You will need to watch the video to learn the rest of the story.)    

We can all learn from Johnny.  Here are three ideas to get your started on your giving campaign.    

#1:       Give your time, expertise and support to fellow members on the sales team.  You might be having a great year and exceeding your sales targets.  On the other hand, a  team member might be having one of those so-so years, stuck in a rut and not able to figure out how to dig out.   Give up an hour or two and take your colleague to lunch.  Find out what he’s doing, not doing and see if you can offer some mentoring and coaching that will get him back on track. 

I know this coaching works because I was the recipient of such mentoring as a young sales professional.  The veterans on our team were generous with time and advice.  They willingly accepted phone calls from the confused or frustrated “newbies.”  “Not my job” wasn’t in their vocabulary.   I have always believed it’s one of the reasons that this company went on to become the largest in the world in its industry. 

#2:       Give 1% more everyday to your clients.  Think about the compounding factor behind this percentage.  What is the “1%” more that you could do for your clients every day, every week and every month?  Is it better with response time?  Is it introducing them to new opportunities and partners?   

One of the obvious ways of giving to your clients is to write a note of thanks to let your customers know you don’t take their business for granted.  Notice, I did not say email them a note of thanks.  Take five minutes to write a personal note.  It’s that 1% more effort. 

#3:  Give a note of thanks to your vendors.  Your vendors are part of your team.  If they aren’t doing a good job, you can’t do a good job. These are the folks that help you run your organizations every day so you can better serve your clients.  If they aren’t doing a good job, you can’t do a good job.  Don’t take their hard work and service for granted.

Watch the video and see how you can be a Johnny to your customers.  Give of your time, give 1% more and be appreciative.  You will have a line of customers waiting to do business with you.

Good Selling and Giving,