Three Ways to Make Black Friday a Green Friday

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Posted: November 20, 2012
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Retailers are busy advertising their ‘Black Friday’ specials. Consumers are setting alarm clocks early to take advantage of special offers and deals. Well, we think we have the best deal of all waiting for you.

At SalesLeadership, we want to make Black Friday a Green Friday by encouraging you to pick up our new book, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success. The knowledge gained from this book will definitely put green into your personal and corporate checkbook. Here are three reasons you want to add this book to your Christmas or holiday shopping list.

#1: Likeability. All things being equal, people buy from people they like. Find out why the most successful companies in America incorporate Emotional Intelligence skills training into their leadership and sales training programs. Learn how developing the EI skill of empathy helps you better read and relate to people. With greater empathy, trust increases along with likeability and closed business. What’s your likeability quotient?

#2: Self Actualization. Salespeople that are self actualized are on a journey of personal and professional improvement. This type of salesperson regards sales as a profession, not a job, and is always looking for ways to add value to the sales conversation. As a result, she reads books, listens to audios and becomes a subject matter expert on whatever she is selling. Prospects and customers enjoy meeting with this type of salesperson because they leave each meeting with new and better ways of running their business. Are you a student of your profession?

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#3. Show me the money. Emotional intelligence skill training is often taught in the leadership world, not the sales world. It’s easy for sales managers and salespeople to dismiss because soft skills are often put into a category of fluff and stuff. For many years, salespeople and sales organizations have focused only on learning hard selling skills. After being in this business for over 13 years, I’d like to suggest that you look at certain soft skills that can impact sales results.

For example, a non-assertive salesperson continues to meet with low level decision makers rather than stating what he needs: meetings with the buying influences that are going to be affected by this purchase. The salesperson scoring low in impulse control continues to ‘show up and throw up’ the minute the prospect shares a pain or concern. How about the salesperson who is a great sales producer, but who is also an absolute pain in the neck to work with and manage? Perhaps, insights on interpersonal skills and self awareness could help this person become a better team player.

So make the Black Friday a Green Friday by purchasing Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success. Click here to order the book.