Three Reasons I Didn’t Buy From Your Salesperson

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Posted: May 13, 2016
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At SalesLeadership, we are analyzing products and services to help us continue working with the right type of prospects and clients. Now, I am a qualified prospect. I have a need, not a want. I have the money to invest and I am the economic buyer. 

So why didn’t I buy from your salesperson?

He or she just wasn’t that good. And I am a pretty easy buyer, as I love salespeople. So what did they miss during the sales process? 

#1 No pre-call planning or preparation – I ask each salesperson, “What do you know about SalesLeadership?” I am amazed and disappointed to hear these answers:   

  • It looks like you guys do some type of training. (So you didn’t even go to the website?)
  • Yes, I’ve been meaning to pick up your book.  (And you probably will have good intentions to service my account, but never get around to it.)

#2:  Not fully present. If the salesperson had done any pre-call planning, read any of my blogs or my book, they know I rant and rave about paying attention and leaving cellphones out of meetings.

More than one salesperson has brought a cellphone to a first sales meeting with us, setting the phone directly in front of them so they’d miss no incoming messages. The sales conversations were comical.

“Colleen , tell me about your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Oh, excuse me,” (checking the phone) “sorry about that. Now, what are your goals?” Nope, not feeling the love or trust needed to partner with you. 

#3: Generic Recommendations. One salesperson called in from his cellphone, while driving, to review his high-level recommendations. This was the same salesperson that had asked us to send lots  of information to ensure that his firm could meet our needs. Since he didn’t have the material in front of him, he just gave his canned presentation. Canned is not compelling and doesn’t earn my business. Come on, at least try to link one of your solutions to our prior conversation!

So if you’re wondering why your sales forecast is off, check to make sure your sales team has covered the three basic selling steps to earn a prospect’s or customer’s business: Prepare, be present and align your solutions with your client’s pains and goals.  

Good Selling!