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Posted: April 4, 2012
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Howard Schultz decided to quit complaining about the economy and instead, do something about it.  He teamed up with the Opportunity Finance Network® and launched the “Create Jobs For The USA” program.

This program takes donations on-line and also from Starbucks customers, employees and concerned citizens.  Each donor receives a red, white and blue wristband with the message “indivisible.”  Dollars are deposited into a fund for the sole purpose of providing loans to the business community.  Starbucks donated $5 million dollars to seed the cause. 

Howard Schultz is a millionaire.  It would have been easy for him to sit on his millions of dollars and not do anything.  He didn’t because Howard is giver, not a taker.  He is a man with a purpose. 

So what does all of this  have to do with sales and sales results?  One of the things we teach our clients at SalesLeadership is the “give goal.”  Stop thinking about yourself and set a weekly goal to help others achieve their goals.  Mentor a newbie on the sales team, donate time and/or money to charity, help a colleague land a piece of business.  Go the extra mile for a client, beyond the scope of the contract. 

A recent report by Fidelity Gift Fund showed that most successful entrepreneurs and founders of companies believe in giving back.  The top three reasons were: 

  • Help those less fortunate.
  • Believe in giving back and want giving as part of their corporate culture.
  • Believe it is their corporate responsibility to give back to their communities. 

Capital Value Advisors are investment bankers located here in Denver, Colorado.  Partners David Tolson and Chris Younger believe in the give back philosophy.  After helping their clients sell their business, CVA donates “X” amount of the proceeds of the sale back to charity.  They tend to work with like-minded clients who often donate money to charity after the sale of their business.  Their personal philosophy is, “Pigs get fed.  Hogs get slaughtered.”

So here is the question for sales professionals:  Are you giving or taking?  Good salespeople are some of the highest paid professionals in business.   Are you sharing your talents and wealth with others? 

You don’t have to be a millionaire or have the status of Howard Schultz.  Start giving today and become a sales rep with a purpose.  Step up and share your time, talents and resources. 

Good Selling!

Colleen Stanley