Sales Processes are Efficient. People are Not.

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Posted: January 6, 2011
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There have been a number of sale books written on the power of relationships. (Facebook is building a small country based on relationships.)   Most people in the sales profession agree that realtionships are key in closing business.  So here is my question or confusion. We just finished the holiday/Christmas or whatever the politically correct term is now.   And I noticed a dramatic shift in companies sending  an email blast  versus  handwritten cards. An email is much more efficient. Names are uploaded, a generic message is written and the send button hit. All is well with the world because we have mass thanked our clients and colleagues. Hmmm....something just doesn't align because when I walk into my clients offices, they have cards hanging from the front desk, not email messages. Perhaps there is a lesson in the season. Building relationships takes time. Many salespeople can't figure out why they don't have good referral partners or excellent client retention. IMaybe it's because you are trying to be efficient, not effective.  Relationship rule 101:  you must invest time with people before you can expect a return of trust and friendship.  Make one of your goals in 2011 to be less efficient!   It  just might be costing you sales and repeat business.  Good Selling, Colleen Stanley Chief Selling Officer