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Posted: May 24, 2011
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Last week, I spent two days with 14 sales trainers from across the country.   Jill Konrath, author of Selling To Big Companies, came up with the idea about four years ago and named the mastermind group Shebang!  You might be wondering why competitors would come together to share best practices and ideas.  The answer is simple.  Many of our business models are different, expertise varies and target clients range from small to Fortune 500.  This group of smart women understand the power of collaboration and abundance.   It’s a mastermind group on steroids!   (They are also darn good at sales!) So what can you do to create a similar concept in your world?

  • Identify people that have similar values.  Every member of this group has an intense desire to serve their customer.  And it’s not just  rhetoric.  Meeting expectations isn’t even in their vocabulary.  Exceeding expectations is the entry to the game.
  • Find people that are givers not takers.  Referrals were flying around the room.  Potential projects for collaboration were discussed.  Sample marketing ideas shared.  Everyone was eager to contribute to the next person's success. 
  • Create a setting for truth telling.  Members of the group challenged one another.  “Your website needs help.  Or, it’s time you get a coach for yourself.  And, tell me one more time why you are pursuing that goal.”  The gift of truth telling is priceless.    We all get too close to our stuff and   head down a path that is not profitable or in alignment with goals. 

Create a sales mastermind group to increase your sales.   Two heads really are better than one.  Good Selling! Colleen Stanley Chief Selling Officer