The Sales Oscars

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Posted: March 11, 2010
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Last week’s Academy Awards marked the end of awards season. The Oscars are a defining moment for many people in the film industry – from producers to directors to cinematographers; the industry’s best are honored.

As outsiders, we watch the Oscars to see our favorite actors being honored for their work. The “boring part” of the almost 4 hour program (when we leave the couch to take the chicken out of the oven) comes when the behind the scenes awards are presented; i.e. sound mixing, art direction, costume design. We don’t know these nominees’ names – they’re not as fascinating as Sandra Bullock or James Cameron – but they must be pretty important….they ARE up for an OSCAR, right?

Who are the behind-the-scenes people in your business who need a Sales Support Oscar? As a salesperson you get the award likened to Best Actor (we could go on and on about parallels between sales people and actors here). As a sales manager you would get Best Director. If you’re worthy of the Sales Oscar, then you’re behind the scenes people should probably be nominated as well.

Some possible Sales Oscar nominations:

• An assistant who manages your calendar and keeps you on task to close deals – without who you would have “chicken with head cut off” syndrome

• A marketing coordinator who whips out great sales sheets and materials with a positive attitude – you know you can always go to her when you’re in a bind

• A custodian who ensures you walk into a nice, clean office every morning to start your day off right

• The coffee shop barista who knows your drink without you ordering it – and knows you’re in a hurry to get to your next appointment.

• A spouse who understands your hectic schedule and supports your dreams

Most of us have the intention to acknowledge those deserving of it, but we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day, and acknowledgements take a back seat. In the spirit of awards season, take a moment to stop, reflect and thank. Don’t worry about having a gift, simply say the words to let them know what they do makes a difference.