Sales Movies: What is Your Starring Role?

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Posted: March 6, 2013
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I am a huge movie fan and like nothing better than to curl up and watch a plot unfold.  Many times, I get inspiration for new training material from watching movies that are totally not related to anything in sales. I’ve learned that if you watch closely, there is generally a lesson learned for all of us when watching one of our favorites movies.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

He’s Just Not That Into You.  This movie demonstrates how the lack of an emotional intelligence skill, reality testing, keeps us pursuing something---that is not going to happen.  It features several young women trying to navigate through the complexity of dating, trying to figure out which bachelor is eligible and which one is only a “player.”   

Listen up and take a look at the movie occurring in your sales life.  Is your sales pipeline full of prospects that are---just not that into you.  They aren’t returning phone calls or when they do, it’s to request just one more change to the proposal you submitted seven years ago.  Apply the emotional intelligence skill of reality testing and look at the situation for what it is:  you need to fire this prospect and rev up the prospecting engine. It’s time to look for more ‘eligible’ prospects.

Ground Hog Day.  Bill Murray stars as a newsman that keeps repeating the same day over and over again until he learns ‘the lesson.’  Yup, ground hog day is alive and well in the sales world.  We keep trying the same prospecting approaches, even if we don’t get any results.  We keep showing up to appointments, having the same product dump conversations, even if we don’t get the sale.  We keep hanging around the same, complacent people, knowing that their lack of drive will help us feel better why we not reaching our full potential.  It’s time to wake up and turn the channel.  Analyze everything.  Don’t guess---measure and look at the facts.  What is working, not working and what needs to change.   Shadow, no shadow, it’s time to start a new day.

Go to the movies or rent a movie.  It’s a fun and easy way to get some additional sales training.

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Colleen Stanley