Sales Managers: Draft Day

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Posted: September 26, 2014
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I love movies.  My problem is that while watching most movies, I can’t help but connect most of the plots and messages to sales and sales management training!  

Draft Day is my new favorite.  The plot involves the NFL Draft and the important decisions made by general manager,   Sonny Weaver, in an effort to rebuild his team.    Sonny trades for the number one pick in the NFL--and then goes to work trying to find the “one thing” this talented quarterback DOESN’T possess.   His goal:  to see if he can live with that “one thing.” 

What is the one thing you should be looking for in your new hire? 

  • Is your new salesperson charged with lead generation?  If so, find out if your potential new hire has referral reluctance?  Most companies ask good interview questions around the candidate’s network.  What they might miss are questions that dig into the salesperson’s ability to leverage that network.
  • PITN.  Your potential candidate is talented.  The sales production numbers are outstanding.  The problem  or “one thing” is that this salesperson is a Pain In The Neck.  He wreaks havoc on other departments because of his demanding attitude.  Or refuses to input data into a CRM tool because he doesn’t like to be micromanaged.   As a result, you are trying to run a company with no accurate forecast of sales coming in the door.    How’s that working for you?

Watch Draft Day and learn the importance of looking for the “one thing” with your next hire.