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Posted: February 20, 2015
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Many owners and sales managers have been successful as a salesperson.  However, in scaling and building a company, it’s no longer how good you are….it’s how good  you are at building and training your team to take your sales to the next level. 

As the great author Maya Angelou said.  “When you know better, you do better.”  SalesLeadership wants to help you ‘do better’ in hiring and training top sales producers.  Join fellow CEO’s and sales managers at this content filled and sales leadership changing boot camp.  CLICK HERE FOR AGENDA

DAY ONE:  ‘High-er Expectations’  – How to identify and hire top sales talent

Can you really afford another bad hire?  Hiring is one of the most difficult AND most important decisions in accelerating growth.  Studies show that the wrong “hire” impact is 3-5 times the annual compensation of the position.  (Not to mention opportunity costs, reputation and personal mental energy.) 

Key Take-Away’s:

  • Telephone interviewing techniques that quickly qualify or disqualify candidates.  Stop wasting hours interviewing candidates that can’t or won’t sell.
  • Customized interview guide that helps you identify the best candidate for YOUR industry, YOUR culture and the lifecycle of your company.  
  • Behavior based interviewing skills.   Avoid hiring mistakes based on gut and missed competencies,  e.g. self-starting, problem solving, work ethic. 
  • On-boarding tips for decreasing ramp up time and increasing revenues. 

DAY TWO:  Professional Training and Coaching Skills – Good to great

Managers are easily distracted by the administrative requirements of running a sales team.  In the end, skill development and coaching contribute the most to the bottom line.  Research shows a coached team will outperform a non-coached team by 20%.

Key Take-Away’s:

  • Better diagnose sales performance challenges.  Work on the right end of the problem.   (Do you really need to tell the salesperson one more time….?)
  • Learn the difference between training and coaching.  Discover the power of ‘baton’ training to hone in on specific skills or attitudes.   
  • Develop skills to transfer the knowledge and habits that made you a top sales producer.
  • Avoid the top three training and coaching mistakes made by sales managers.  
  • Discover how to be the sales leader people want to follow and model. 


  • Telephone screening templates and guides
  • Proven behavioral based interviewing questions
  • Templates for pre-briefing and debriefing sales calls
  • Templates for role plays, exercise and drill skills
  • Tip and tools for running more effective sales meetings
  • Coaching and Feedback questions
  • Breakfast and lunch


Colleen Stanley, president of SalesLeadership is the author of Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success.  She is also a monthly author columnist for Business Journals across the country.  Prior to SalesLeadership, she was Vice President of sales for Varsity Spirit Corporation where she directed a national sales team of 130.  During her 10 years at Varsity, sales increased from 8M – 90M. 

Clients include:

Blue Sky Restoration, PCL Construction, ThinkHR, Arthur J. Gallagher, Clear Channel, OtterBox, BIC Graphic and Clear Channel.