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Posted: June 21, 2011
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I was enjoying my Sunday afternoon ritual of reading the newspaper and all the inserts.   Who would have guessed that the PARADE magazine would provide a blog for a sales training firm? PARADE featured advice from several famous Dad’s and it was amazing to read how their sound advice applies to the profession of sales.  Here are just a few pieces of advice from famous Dads:

Tim Russert:  “Believe in yourself.”

How often do salespeople have to remind themselves that they are good, even if they just lost a deal to the competition?  Believing in yourself doesn’t mean you are in denial.  If you lose a deal, figure out why you lost the business, learn the lesson, make necessary changes and keep moving.  When you quit believing in yourself, that’s when procrastination, excuses and inertia set in.  That’s when you really lose.

Beau Bridges:  “Never forget to enjoy yourself.”

Highly motivated salespeople are focused on achieving their sales quota.  There is another quota that needs to be considered:  the fun quota.  If you aren’t having fun, there is a real good chance your prospects and customers know it.  Given the choice, prospects and customers will do business with a fun lover, not a fun hater.

Denzel Washington:  “Finish what you start.”

If there is one thing I have learned from the sales training profession, it is the power of commitment.   I have seen many a salesperson invest in sales training with the intention of becoming masterful at sales and influence.  That commitment is then interrupted by something called life or reality TV. 

Good salespeople finish what they start. Listen to your Dad.  He might just be able to improve your sales!

Good Selling!

Colleen Stanley Chief Selling Officer