Managing Sales Results, Not Excuses

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Posted: November 23, 2011
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There will always be reasons not to hit the sales goal.  New excuse appear each year  based on current events, the global economy and new competitors.  However, after being in this business for 13 years, I hear some of the same ones year in and year out.  The reality is that there will always be valid reasons to say you can’t hit your sales goal.  The question is where will you put your focus—on managing results or excuses. 

Here are a few of the oldies but goodie excuses:   

  •  “I can’t prospect because I am too busy putting out fires.”

Now ask yourself the key question  Is your competitor going to quit prospecting because of similar fire fighting issues?

  • “No one is buying because of the economy, elections and Greece.”

Hmmm…Is no one buying or are you just not finding the buyers with budget and need?

  • “Prospects are only buying on price.”

If prospects are only buying on price, why are they willing to meet with you when they know you are not the low price provider?

Top sales producers live by the mantra, “If it was easy, anyone could do it.”  They actually welcome tough times because they know it’s a quick way to eliminate mediocre competitors that focus most of their time and energy on excuses.     

So what are you managing?  Results or excuses?    

Good Selling!

Colleen Stanley