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Posted: February 27, 2013
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There is an old saying that if you keep something in your closet long enough, it will be back in style.  And I know a few of you know what I am talking about.

The same concept is true for better utilizing LinkedIn.  It’s really an on-line referral strategy which requires some of the same tactics that have been around for years, and I might add, underutilized for years.  Strategies such as:

  • Likeability – People buy from people they like and who are like them.  How many of you get more excited when you recognize that a LinkedIn connection has something in common with you?   Perhaps you went to the same school or enjoy the same hobbies. Good sales connectors are always looking for commonality because it raises likeability.    In looking at your LinkedIn profile, can people find something in common with you or is it just a tired resume?       
  • Reciprocity – In his book, Influence, Dr. Robert Cialdini, discusses the power of reciprocity.  Simply put, when you make a deposit in a person’s ‘relationship account’ by providing something of value, the person feels obligated to give you something back.  Strong referral partners have always recognized the value of giving first.  This long time strategy of ‘giving to get’ is a basic that people must use on LinkedIn.  Build a relationship by giving first.  Then you can ask for an introduction to the person’s connections.
  • Thought Leadership – Lifelong learners like hanging around people who are also on a journey of personal and professional improvement.  In the ‘ole days, good sales professionals often sent articles of interest to prospects and clients.  Today, LinkedIn provides the same opportunity.  Are you posting items that provoke thought, or are you just posting items that can be bought?   

Good Selling!

Colleen Stanley

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