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Posted: August 29, 2010
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I just had the privilege of spending two days with the top female sales trainers in the country. You might be thinking: why would a bunch of competitors get together and share best practices? The answer is pretty simple. The only people showing up to this group possess an abundance mentality and know there is plenty of business for everyone. This group of sales experts also understands the challenges of growing a business and give excellent advice that provides immediate course correction. Here are three things that I gained from this smart group of people:

Raise the bar. Here is the secret of a good master mind group. Make sure there are people in the group that are  better than you, will challenge you and at the same time support you. There were several “duh” moments that occurred for me. You know, the moment  you say to yourself, “Now, why didn’t I think of that….”

Humor. Just when you think you are the only one experiencing a challenge, someone in the group speaks up, share their own challenge and adds a twist of laughter on top of it. The result is validation that you aren’t the only one struggling with an issue. The second outcome is to lighten up!   As one of the sales trainers stated, “We aren’t doing neurosurgery here!”

Best practices.   A shared core value of this group is delivering  excellent service and results to their clients. Participants are eager to share what is working, a new resource or a way of delivering training because of this shared core value. Many years ago, I participated in a best practices session  with a different group of sales trainers.   However the only best practices discussed were how to raise training fees without any dialogue around increasing value and results for the client. One of our core values at SalesLeadership is be the real deal and be real smart.

I am glad to say I invested two days with fellow sales trainers who are down to earth, genuine and really smart. I'm ready to raise the bar.  Are you?  

Good Selling!

Colleen Stanley