It’s Time to Pay Attention

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Posted: February 20, 2015
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Multitasking was once hailed as a special skill – one that needed to be honed in order to effectively navigate the business world. We now know however, that multi-tasking is not a skill to possess, but rather a habit to avoid.

A 2014 study conducted by Stanford University found that people bombarded with constant information from multiple electronic resources had a more difficult time recalling information or switching between tasks than those who focused on a single task at a time. This same study found that people who term themselves “effective” at multitasking were the slowest of the bunch, often having trouble organizing their thoughts and filtering irrelevant information.

In our constantly connected world, putting down your electronic devices can seem impossible. It is not; but it is a skill that may need to be relearned. At SalesLeadership, we provide a number of free resources, training opportunities, and weekly tips that can help build important listening and EI skills. We encourage you to browse our site, follow our blog, and contact us with any questions you may have.