Is Your Sales Team In Chase Mode?

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Posted: November 28, 2016
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Hard working salespeople expend a lot of energy chasing prospects that aren’t returning phone calls or emails.  You know the scenario.  Salesperson meets with prospect and has a nice conversation.   The prospect says, “This sounds interesting---give me a call in a few weeks.” 

The salesperson enthusiastically agrees to follow-up, only to fall into the black abyss of voicemail and not return emails.  Trying to show persistence, the salesperson continues to follow-up, with no engagement from the prospect. 

This salesperson has now moved from a salesperson to sales stalker.

This title doesn’t get deals closed because the salesperson is treated like a transactional vendor, not a trusted partner.

It’s time to apply your reality testing and assertiveness skills to avoid the dreaded chase mode.

Reality testing is the ability to see things as they are versus how you’d like them to be.   Apply this skill during the first discovery call to determine if your prospect is qualified to stay in your sales pipeline. 

A qualified prospect has a problem or goal your organization can fix. A qualified prospect is committed to solving the problem.  This commitment is demonstrated by their willingness to commit time, money and resources to achieving the desired outcome. 

When meeting with a prospect for the first time, look and listen to see if you are meeting with a winner or a whiner.   

Winners take action.  Whiners talk about taking action---and keep whining.

For example, when that prospect says, “This sounds interesting…..” your sales antennae should go up along with your qualification process.  Prospects don’t invest time, money and resources based on ‘interesting.’  

Use your assertiveness skills and remember that it’s okay to disqualify a prospect.  Not everyone deserves to be your customer.  Salespeople end up in chase mode because they schedule second meetings with prospects that aren’t serious about improving.  As a result, the salesperson sets up a second meeting with the non-qualified prospect and the prospect cancels the meeting.  The salesperson tries to reschedule and chase mode begins. 

Stop chasing prospects that are never going to buy.   Work with winners, not whiners and watch your sales double. 

Good Selling!