How You Start is How You Finish

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Posted: August 19, 2016
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The alarm goes off, you roll over, hit the snooze button and drift off for 15 more minutes. Once you get up, you immediately check your smartphone because it’s been eight hours since you’ve fed your technology addiction. 

So your day starts in a stressful, nonproductive manner thanks to the incoming email messages and because you’re running late. And how you start is how you will finish: stressed, tired and less than productive.   


Study the habits of highly successful people –- such as Tony Robbins, world-renowned life coach; mega publisher Jack Canfield; and Phil Jackson, coach of multiple NBA champions -- and you will find an entirely different morning. Some suggestions:

#1:       Carve out quiet time to reflect on how you are going to show up today. Successful people are proactive in deciding how to respond to the challenges of the day. Mental preparation helps them show up like the person they want to be rather than a moody, temperamental human being. 

#2:       Exercise. Health is wealth and successful people schedule time to protect this piece of wealth. If you are low on energy, there’s a good chance it’s because you are carrying 20 extra pounds that stress your joints and heart. 

#3:       Gratitude. In the business of sales and sales management, it’s easy to give into the stress of hitting numbers and keeping clients happy. Successful salespeople manage this stress by focusing on the positive. They know you can’t be grateful and anxious at the same time. 

#4:       Positive affirmations. Successful people understand the power of neuroplasticity and recognize you can change the wiring in your brain. It’s called Hebb’s Law. Cells that fire together, wire together. Affirmations may include, “I’m great in negotiations. I am the best at defusing upset clients. I am a game-changer for my clients and that’s why everyone buys from me.” 

Start your day with these success habits and your work week will be more enjoyable and profitable. Stop hitting the snooze button and get up. Avoid checking your smartphone and instead, check in with yourself first thing in the morning.

How you start the day predicts how it will progress and how you finish it.

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