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Posted: October 1, 2015
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Whether you are a new sales manager or veteran sales manager, you recognize that the skills needed to lead and direct a sales team, are very different than those required to be a top sales producer. Sales management requires skills such as training and coaching, giving feedback and running effective sales meetings. These are important skills to continue to improve, however, if you don’t master this one sales management skill, THE REST DOESN’T MATTER.   

What is the one skill? Learn how to hire great people. When you master this skill, sales management becomes easy. 

The golden rule in hiring is the mantra, “Past behavior is the best predictor of future sales results.” But here is the big however. Past experience doesn’t guarantee future success your company.   

For example, a salesperson might have been successful selling because they sold a need to have product or service such as insurance or accounting. You hire this person with a great track record and they flounder. Your company sells a nice to have service such as marketing or consulting. These are two different sales positions which require different types of selling skills. Past success may not translate to future success. 

Or, the salesperson was successful in their previous role because their leads were generated by an inside salesperson or the marketing department. Your firm doesn’t have either position and the new salesperson fails because he lacks the experience and/or skills to source his own leads. Past success is not translating to future results. 

Set you and your future sales team up for success. Become a student of hiring and selection. Without this important skill, the rest doesn’t matter.

Good Selling!