Emotional Intelligence, Sales and Ironman?

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Posted: January 26, 2012
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In November of this past year, I took the challenge and finished Ironman in Tempe Arizona. If you are not familiar with Ironman it is the act of swimming 2.4   miles, biking 112 miles and then running a marathon or 26.2 miles. All of this must be completed in less than 17 hours.

You may think that the individual attempting this is crazy and that might be true.

The reality is, that it becomes an epic journey of understanding. You not only learn more about your body, but also what may be locked deep inside. You spend countless hours alone, training.

So what does Sales have to do with this epic journey?

In my profession we train companies all round the country on how to be an emotionally intelligent sales professional. In other words, emotionally intelligent sales teams, close more business, with the right customers, in less time, at full margin (it is a rewarding profession).

During the endless hours, I began to think about what it means to bring these two disciplines together. During the next seven weeks, I will be uncovering the seven attributes of successful sales people and how it correlates to an extreme endurance event.

It has been proven, with countless hours of research and objective testing, that certain Ei attributes are indicative to great sales people and top athletes. An example of this is Michael Phelps. In the last summer Olympics he won 8 gold medals. What is not well known is that his goggles filled with water during the 200M butterfly and he was blind. Would he have still won the gold if he had not learned to manage his emotions?

In similar stride, what happens when you are working with a tough prospect? Have you ever given a proposal without knowing the budget? Discounted your price to win the deal? Tried to chase a prospect down VIA Email and Voice-Mail only to come up empty handed?

When you get in tough selling situations how do you manage your emotions to win the gold medal or in our world Benjamin’s?

Every Friday afternoon over the next 7 weeks I will be sharing what traits and tips it takes to complete an Ironman and become a more successful sales person.

Happy selling and enjoy the journey.

Matt Rowe