Do You Need a Sales Fitbit®?

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Posted: October 24, 2014
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I was conducting a sales management course last week with a group of very sharp sales managers.  The conversation was focused on the importance of tracking and measuring sales activity and results.     

Now, tracking and measuring is not a new concept.   Study anyone trying to get better at time management or losing weight.  The person struggling with poor time management starts tracking each minute of the day to figure out what and who is eating up valuable time. 

The person trying to lose weight uses a popular accessory called Fitbit® that measures activity such as steps, distance and calories. 

Perhaps it’s time for a “Sales Fitbit®.”   A core philosophy at Fitbit® is:  small steps, big impact.  Sounds like a great best practice to duplicate in sales. 

Salespeople often think they are doing enough activity OR the right activity.  (And many of us  think we are exercising enough.)  Track and measure to get a reality check on what’s working or not working in producing consistent sales results.  Let’s look at one part of the sales process, lead generation. 

  • What sales activity is producing the most results?  Maybe email prospecting needs to be replaced with a LinkedIn strategy. Is your networking---NOT WORKING?
  • What is the number of outreaches needed in a week/month to reach live prospects? 
  • Is there a better time and day of the week to connect with potential clients? 
  • What value propositions are resonating with potential buyers?  Do you need to update your messaging to connect with buyers? 

Put on your Sales Fitbit®.    Track, measure and improve.  You’ve heard it before. What gets measured improves. 

Good Selling!