The Discipline of Sales

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Posted: May 16, 2012
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Dr. Charles Swindoll said, “Discipline is something no one likes but everyone admires.”   The longer I am in the sales training profession, the more convinced I am that sales success is contingent on a salesperson’s discipline. 

Let’s face it; we live in a world of shiny objects.  If you aren’t tempted by checking your Facebook page, you will be tempted by the latest email landing in your email in box.  It takes discipline to stay the course and honor the business development plan that you have set for the week. 

So what do disciplined salespeople do that non-disciplined salespeople DON’T do? 

#1: They make a decision.    Before any great goal can be accomplished you must make a decision that the “why” behind the goal is big enough to go for, and that you will do “what” it takes to achieve the goal.   Many people never make a decision.  They keep talking about the pros and cons of doing something, confusing the discussion with actual action needed to achieve the goal.    

What decisions do you need to make?   Do you need to get clear on your “why?”  Do you need to stop kidding yourself and finally admit that you are not willing to do the “what” necessary to achieve the sales results you want?  Make a decision because indecision over time becomes a decision.   

#2: They block and tackle.  This is the salesperson that shows up every week and executes the basics of sales:  prospecting, running appointments, serving clients and closing business.  They don’t pick and choose their activities based on their current mood, likes or dislikes.   Show me a consistent salesperson and I will show you consistent sales results. 

Years ago during college, I had the good fortune of hearing Bruce Jenner speak, the winner of the 1976 Olympic decathlon.  (I told you it was years ago…)  It was a great talk and  I remember him telling the audience that in preparation for the Olympics he ran 10 miles every day-- whether he felt like it or not. 

Early in my sales career a good mentor gave me this advice on prospecting:  “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.”

What decision will you make?

Good Selling,

Colleen Stanley