Are You In Sales Denial?

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Posted: June 7, 2011
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“I hired sales veterans. They should know how to sell….why would I provide sales training?” I am always fascinated by this statement made by a few business owners and sales managers.

This type of owner or sales manager clearly doesn’t look at sales as a profession.  If they did, they would duplicate best practices from other professions. Once a doctor graduates from medical school, is she done studying and learning?  Does a teacher ever go back to school to update his credentials?  How about a CPA?  Does she need to stay up to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations?   How many of you are comfortable working with a professional that is done learning? So what creates this denial mindset?

#1:       Deniers aren’t really tracking sales so they don’t even know the opportunities they are losing to a better trained sales professional.

#2:       Deniers think that a good personality is enough to close the sale.  Hint:  Your best competitor also has a good personality.

#3:       Deniers are worried if they invest in training, the salesperson will leave.  Hmmm….what if they stay with no new knowledge or expertise?

#4:       Deniers accept the easy answer from the salesperson business was lost to because of price.  (Not because of their salesperson’s inability to sell value.)

#5:       Deniers don’t have lifelong learning as a core value.  They say that people are their most important asset; however, there is no empirical data to support personal or professional growth at their company. Denial is actually a lovely place to live because you don’t have to change, grow or improve.  You just need to check with your competitors to see if they are your neighbors. Good Selling! Colleen Stanley Chief Selling Officer