Are You a Sales Leader or a Sales Doer?

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Posted: February 2, 2017
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Stagnant growth and/or missed revenue goals may not be due to an ineffective sales team. It’s often because of ineffective sales management.  In fairness, many sales managers struggle in their leadership role because they haven’t learned the new skills needed for management success.

As a result, the sales manager falls into the role of doer rather than leader. They’re that knight in shining armor, riding in to close or save every deal. The sales manager is so busy closing and saving deals, there’s no time left to invest in team development.

Growth slows because instead of 10 salespeople closing business, only one person, the doer sales manager, is capable of doing so.

Here’s two ways to move from being a sales doer to a sales leader.

#1:  Get really, really good at hiring great salespeople. Read every book you can about hiring and selection. Sign up for a course on behavior-based interviewing. Reach out to other sales managers and learn their top 10 techniques for hiring great salespeople.   

Without such knowledge, you’re likely to remain in doer mode because you don’t know how to identify and attract doers.

Self-directed, high-accountability and passionate salespeople want to learn, and do learn, how to open and close business.

#2:  Create a sales playbook that documents steps, stages, and tactical scripts and questions used at each step of the sales process. Without a sales playbook, you are stuck in your doer role because your team doesn’t know what to do or how to do it!

Development of a sales playbook requires the emotional intelligence skill of delayed gratification which is the ability to put in the work to earn the reward.  The instant gratification sales manager never takes the time to install systems and processes that can be duplicated and scaled. 

Sales managers, put in the work to earn the reward of a sales team that knows what to do without you.

It’s time to move from being a sales doer to a sales leader.   Get rid of your shiny armor, put the horse out to pasture and get to work on learning how to hire great salespeople and transfer the knowledge and skills that made you a top producer. 

Good Selling!