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Posted: May 7, 2015
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I’m excited to introduce you to a great new book being released this month, Activate Your Brain:  How Understanding Your Brain Can Improve Your Work—And Your Life.   Author, Scott G. Halford, has put together some tremendous insights in harnessing the power of the brain to be more effective at work and in life.  I suggest watching this video at your next sales meeting.   It provides great information on ways to activate your brain and achieve greater results. 

There were so many things I gleaned from Scott’s book, however, here are a couple to get you started.    

#1:  Reframing.    We’ve all heard the phrase that perception is reality.  The same holds true in bringing your “A” game to work and life. 

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, there is a good chance you’ve run a lousy sales call.  It’s easy to beat yourself up and let the negative self-talk take over.   “I’ve lost my touch.  I have the worse prospects.  I’m not sure I can do this.”  None of this negative chatter is going to help you improve or change. 

Reframe a lousy sales call by asking yourself one question, “What’s the lesson learned and how will this lesson serve me during the next sales meeting?”   By reframing a less than perfect sales call to a lesson learned sales call, you decrease stress and get back in the sales saddle.   A focus on the lessons learned rather than your shortcomings improves future sales results.    

Another way of reframing is normalizing a stressful situation.  Scott shares a great story in his book where he was feeling overwhelmed with the daunting task of writing and rewriting content.  His editor reframed his perspective by replying, “Scott, it’s supposed to be hard.”  That simple statement normalized the stress he was feeling.  As a result, he had a new perspective and new energy toward the project - a great lesson for all of us to learn.   Achieving great things can often be and is supposed to be hard. 

#2:  Get some sleep.  I have never attended a sales or sales management training course where the instructor encouraged the participants to get more rest in order to close more business. 

Research shows that lack of sleep leads to brain decay.  It affects your ability to learn and focus.  Not surprising, it also makes you cranky and magnifies your perception of the negative in your environment.  Decision making is impaired and memory becomes faulty.  I could go on but I think you are getting the picture.  A rested sales team just might be your most important competitive advantage.  Go to bed!

#3:  Read the book.    Successful salespeople and leaders recognize that education never stops.  As simple as that sounds, some people are done learning.  My belief:  when you’re done learning you are done earning!

My copy is highlighted, tabbed and used as a resource for bringing my A-game to my personal and professional life. Get your copy today!

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