ABC, Always Be Connecting --The Power of Personality, Ei and Sales

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Posted: June 16, 2016
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Most people who work in sales have heard of the term, “ABC, Always Be Closing” before, but here’s another spin. How about “ABC” as in “Always Be Connecting” to your customers as you reach to meet your sales goals?

Connecting to customers is part of the Emotional Intelligence curriculum and the beauty of using Ei is that it takes you and your client out of the fight or flight mode. This benefits everyone in the process.

What does it look like to “connect with your client?” It means being willing to be patient, to listen to your clients, to ask them pertinent questions, and to not react with knee-jerk solutions. It translates into recognizing the role of your own emotions and your client’s emotions and concerns during your sales conversations or transactions.  It helps you to become empathetic to your client’s concerns and points of view while you work together for better, stronger, and solid outcomes.  

Yes, it can take practice, but the investment is well worth it.

Ei skills are available to everyone who is willing to take the time to learn them and practice them, and for sales professionals who are willing to embrace them, they can make a big difference, from boosting your own individual sales potential and your company’s revenues, to making the sales process itself more effective and enjoyable. In our book, “Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success” and in our classes with clients we call this aptitude for connecting the “return on emotions.” Studies across the country have shown its effectiveness in transforming and energizing sales organizations and their revenues.

So instead of focusing only on the “ABC, close,” remember to also think about your “ABC, connections” to your customers. Remember that’s not just about selling a product or service; you’re always selling to a person. There’s a wonderful symmetry that happens when you build solid connections. By focusing on connections more, it’s also highly likely more closes will follow.

Improve your sales closing ratio by not forgetting the other “ABC – Always Be Connecting.” Before you pick up the phone or meet a client, be willing to use Ei skills to connect with your client during the whole process.

Good selling!