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Posted: October 4, 2010
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Last week, I had the privilege of working with a client that is really devoted to the personal and professional development of his team. They hosted an off-site meeting where the president kicked off the meeting by asking everyone to look at what they could do each day  to get 1% better.   The 1% idea is a great concept because many of us set huge goals and objectives, only to get discouraged because we fall short.   Make  your goals achievable by asking yourself,  "What can I do to get 1% better today?"

Consistent sales activity. You can't control the economy, politics or others. You  can control your sales activity. What would a 1% increase in your sales activity look like?   You can reach out to one more prospect everyday.  You can call one client everyday to say thank you for their business.    You can contact one of  your referral partners with an invite  to an event or an introduction. One thing.  1%.

You can  improve your sales and influence skills by 1%. You can rewrite your value proposition. The market has changed...has your sales copy?  You can  create one more compelling question to ask during the sales call such, "Where is taking care of this challenge in the company's priority list?"  You can read one more article on influence and psychology in order to better understand your prospects and clients. One thing.   1%.

You can better manage your emotions.   You can wake up each day and invest five minutes visualizing  how you are going to show up today.  You can make a decision to be thankful for adversity because it is accompanied by the priceless  gift of a lesson learned.  You can choose to be happy or look for reasons to be offended.  Do one thing.  1%. Setting goals is great.   Achieving them is even better. 

Set your goal to get 1% better everyday. The sales results will amaze you. Good Selling!

Colleen Stanley Chief Selling Officer