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How to Run GREAT Group Sales Meetings

October 30, 2020

It’s the Monday morning sales meeting and your sales team gathers together. Look around and count up the payroll in that room. It’s not a small number, especially when you combine salaries plus opportunity cost. Because, when your sales team is attending a meeting, they are missing the opportunity to connect with prospects or customers.

The self-aware sales leader…

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Are You a Lone Ranger Sales Manager?

October 22, 2020

You are self-directed.

You are decisive.

You are independent.

You also might be a lone ranger, which is a sales manager that doesn’t ask for or seek advice from others. This behavior is not due to arrogance. It’s usually because of the attributes listed above, which might serve you well in your sales leadership position. But they also can become an…

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Are You Conducting One-Size-Fits-All Coaching Sessions?

October 15, 2020

We teach our salespeople to customize their approach to sales in order to connect with prospects and customers on both emotional and expertise levels. Workshops are taught about selling to different personality styles. Customized value propositions are developed for specific buyers and industries.

But how many sales managers apply these same tactics when preparing…

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Three Tips For Selling To Tired Prospects and Customers

October 08, 2020

Have you ever made a good decision when you’re really, really tired? Have you ever delayed making a decision because you were tired? You didn’t have the energy to think, analyze and compare decision criteria?

Guess what? A lot of your prospects and customers are tired.

You have companies that are doing really well during the pandemic. They’re tired

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Is Your Sales Team Waiting Out the Pandemic?

October 01, 2020

I’ve heard more than one CEO and VP of sales express concern around members of their sales team that appear to be “waiting out the pandemic.” Hope is not a strategy, and this type of denial results in salespeople not taking the right actions, enough actions or consistent actions to ensure a healthy sales pipeline.

The pandemic forced change upon everyone and…

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Three Reasons Sales Managers Fail

September 25, 2020

I’ve said it more than once in my role of coaching the coach: Sales managers get set up to fail. They’re promoted to sales management with little understanding, training or education about what it takes to build and develop a great sales organization.  

Selling to a prospect and customer is different than teaching a salesperson how to sell to…

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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

September 17, 2020

Sales professionals often throw around words such as trusted advisor, partner in business or thought leader to describe themselves. But the reality is, those words are more often than not simply: 

Blah, blah, blah.

Think about the people, experts and pundits you listen to. One of the reasons that you continue to take time…

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It’s Time to Update Your Sales Playbook(s)

September 10, 2020

Can you imagine a sports team running the same plays year after year and still expecting to win? The answer, of course, is no. However, many sales organizations use the same sales playbooks year after year and then wonder why they aren’t closing more business.

Is it time to update your sales playbook?

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Do This to Improve Your Remote Sales Management Skills

September 03, 2020

Many sales managers today ask: How can I be as effective in managing a remote sales team as I was in managing a sales team that I used to see in the office or face to face during coaching conversations?

The answer is yes you can---if you apply emotional self-awareness and ask yourself this question: 

Am I practicing what I preach?…

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Does Your Sales Pipeline Need to Attend Weight Watchers?

August 27, 2020

As I watched a commercial for Weight Watchers, a popular weight loss program, I realized that losing weight is similar to effective prospecting and selling.  

Weight-loss programs focus on what you put into your mouth to ensure you achieve your desired goal of losing pounds.  

Great salespeople focus on what prospects they put into their pipeline to achieve…

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