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January 13, 2017
There are lots of factors to being successful in sales.  But it starts with one decision and that one decision is to become masterful, not average, in sales. Sales is a really lousy profession in which to be average. An average salesperson experiences the constant stress of hitting quota one month and missing it the next because they haven’t mastered business development and selling skills. An average salesperson winds up working only with average clients. They don’t invest time to become an expert in their industry... Read More
January 06, 2017
I often tell my clients that effective selling is a combination of physiology, psychology and consultative skills. We live in the Information Age. Salespeople have access to more information on sales than ever before, with podcasts, webinars, books and workshops. So we have to ask ourselves: With all this good information, why are we still facing some of the same challenges in sales that we did 25 years ago?  For example, how many of you have seen a salesperson move into a product dump, even though she know she should be asking more questions, not presenting solutions? How about the salesperson that discounts too soon and... Read More
December 16, 2016
In her latest book, More Sales, Less Time, author Jill Konrath discusses several great tips and tools that help busy sellers be more productive.   Technology and information overload is challenging even the most organized and productive sellers.  As Jill writes about in her book, many salespeople are addicted (literally) to checking their smart phones and emails.  The problem with the constant checking are many, one being that most salespeople are so busy checking emails, texts and voicemail they never get to the real... Read More
December 09, 2016
If you followed my Facebook posts this week, you saw that I was speaking at the national sales meeting of Varsity Spirit Corporation, my former company. Varsity is an American success story. It is the largest cheerleading and dance uniform and camp instruction company in the world. So how did Varsity do it? Well, it’s done a lot of things well through the years. It’s always been on the front edge of innovation, leading the way in all aspects of school spirit. It’s always provided great products and services. AND... Read More
December 02, 2016
Jim Rohn, author, speaker and millionaire entrepreneur, mentored the likes of Tony Robbins, the world-famous personal and business development guru, and Mark Hughes, founder of Herbalife International. Growing up on an Idaho farm, his work ethic served him well. Consider this Rohn quote: “Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.” This quote always reminds me of the differences between excellent salespeople and average ones... Read More
November 18, 2016
Hard working salespeople expend a lot of energy chasing prospects that aren’t returning phone calls or emails.  You know the scenario.  Salesperson meets with prospect and has a nice conversation.   The prospect says, “This sounds interesting---give me a call in a few weeks.”  The salesperson enthusiastically agrees to follow-up, only to fall into the black abyss of voicemail and not return emails.  Trying to show persistence,... Read More
November 11, 2016
It’s Monday morning and Sales Manager Jennifer needs to provide feedback about sales performance and attitude to Joe, a team member. She dreads having this conversation because Joe is a drama king. He takes all feedback personally and usually responds with blame and excuses. Joe is what I call an “eggshell salesperson.” He cracks any time he receives feedback on his job performance. Jennifer decides she just can’t deal with Joe on a Monday and reschedules the meeting for Wednesday.... Read More
November 04, 2016
It’s fourth quarter, and your sales team is racing to meet this year’s target  AND set up Q1 of next year. As the sales leader, it’s important for you to help your sales team run to the right opportunities. Salespeople struggle because they slip into the working harder, not smarter loop.  They work really hard---at pursuing the wrong prospects. Get clear on your ideal prospect and your sales team will soon be working smarter not harder.  When designing a pursuit strategy or target list... Read More
October 28, 2016
Emotion management is a key selling skill. After meeting with a challenging prospect, more than one salesperson has asked, “Did I really say that?” or “Why didn’t I say that?” The salesperson has just experienced the knowing-and-doing gap. They know what to say, but in difficult selling situations, emotions, rather than effective selling and influence skills, start running the meeting. It’s the classic trigger-response-regret sales loop. A challenging prospect triggered the salesperson... Read More