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The ROI of Informal Learning and Sales Collaboration

September 10, 2019

Guest Blog written by Jake Miller, Allego

In the movie A Few Good Men, a young Marine is questioned about the application of a technique not referenced in any “book, manual, pamphlet, or regulations.” During his cross-examination, the Marine’s response to a question about where he learned this technique shines a spotlight on the role that informal learning plays in almost any organization:

“Well, I guess I just followed the crowd at chow time, sir.”

Corporate trainers and sales leaders know that the majority of the learning taking place on a sales team happens informally…

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Should You Have Been There in the First Place?

September 05, 2019
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There are many great coaching questions that salespeople and sales managers can ask when pre-briefing and debriefing sales calls. One that I often start with is: Should you have been there in the first place? 

Many hard-working salespeople are working TOO HARD. They keep trying to sell to prospects that are never going to buy and then beat themselves up for lack of…

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Is It Time To Bring Your Customer Into The Monday Morning Sales Meeting?

August 30, 2019
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I recently worked with a terrific client at their national sales meeting. Much of the conversation at the conference focused on ways to add value to their clients and prospects. Many great ideas, however, one made me laugh out loud and…think.

One of the sales managers shared that he had created a…

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Do Prospects Trust Your Salespeople?

August 20, 2019
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HubSpot research shows that only 3% of buyers trust sales reps. That should sound BIG alarm bells in sales organizations. Trust is the foundation of relationships and without it, salespeople will run into problems opening sales conversations, conducting thoughtful meetings and gaining new business.

There are several reasons for lack of trust. One that most…

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The No. 1 Coaching Mistake Made by Sales Managers

August 08, 2019
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You are one of those great sales managers that understands the value of sales coaching. You consistently hold one-on-one coaching sessions…

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How Influential Are You as a Sales Manager?

August 01, 2019
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Influence is described as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. It’s what great sales managers do.

The best sales managers influence their salespeople to consistently execute the right selling behaviors and attitudes every day. They do this through the…

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Is it Time to “Argo” Your Sales Team?

July 25, 2019
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“Argo” is the 2012 movie about a high-stakes rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis. Ben Affleck stars as CIA operative Tony Mendez, who is charged with getting these diplomats out of the country safely. 

They do so by pretending to be film crew members…

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How Good Is Your Sales Organization At Failing?

July 18, 2019
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We’ve all heard the phrase, “You learn more from your failures than your successes.” But often, sales organizations aren’t walking the talk. I see a lot of different offices in my line of work. And I see a lot offices with success walls, you know the walls with plaques announcing company of the year, vendor of the year, salesperson of the year. But the problem is I don’t see…

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Are You Asking This Powerful Coaching Question?

July 11, 2019
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One of my sales managers, Cindy, was straddling that fine line of giving her salesperson support while raising his level of sales expertise and self-awareness. The salesperson had just lost three consecutive deals, and was experiencing self-doubt and frustration. 

So he was trying to make himself feel better by giving the usual excuses:

  • The company’s…
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Who Are Your Sales Vagabonds?

June 27, 2019
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What do Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Warren Harding, Thomas Edison and Luther Burbank have in common -- besides being highly successful and accomplished individuals? These very smart people were part of a mastermind group they called the Vagabonds. The title came from their many road trips, where…

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