A Webinar With Sales Expert Colleen Stanley

Assertiveness: The Critical EQ Skill For Achieving Sales Goals

Discover how soft skills produce hard sales results.

Attend this Powerful Program

Friday, june 16th 2023

11am Mountain Time


You missed out!

You’re a really good sales professional.

You know all about prospecting, conducting effective discovery meetings, negotiation skills and closing skills. 

But have you developed the powerful EQ skill of assertiveness?

Without assertiveness, salespeople:


Fall into "go-along-to-get-along" selling behaviors. (Anyone besides me authored a practice proposal for a prospect that wasn't willing or able to buy?)


Get stuck meeting with non-decision makers. You know, meeting with people that can say no, and have no authority to say yes.


Have difficulty dealing with objections around investment and end up discounting when you and your company offer a better value.

Join us June 16th! Say goodbye to "go-along-to-get-along" selling behaviors. Say hello to improving your ability to disqualify opportunities that aren't a good fit. Improve your confidence to ask for meetings at the right level. Negotiate your value with confidence and conviction.