October 27

Are You A “Good-Enough” Sales Professional?


The great thing about the sales profession is that you have the ability and control to conduct sales and business in a manner that best serves you and your clients.

The most successful salespeople know they have to earn their spot on the team every year, both with their company and with customers. These high producing salespeople have an “I-need-to-earn-it” mindset, which keeps them sharp and valuable. It’s the polar opposite of the good-enough mindset, which often results in mediocrity and a constant lowering of the bar. 

Let’s look at the difference between a good-enough mindset and an earn-it mindset. 

  1. An EARN-IT salesperson recognizes the value of going the extra mile for prospects and customers. That means they prepare well for every sales call. They look for ways to add value beyond the stated contract or agreement. The EARN-IT salesperson is highly focused on exceeding customer expectations, not just meeting them.

One of my EARN-IT sales clients works in an operationally intense business. Many problems can occur in the sale after the sale. This salesperson EARNS the business because she takes extra time up front to educate customers on what both parties can do to eliminate or decrease such problems. The results are raving fans and repeat business. 

The GOOD-ENOUGH salesperson doesn’t possess the energy or enthusiasm to start down the extra mile road.  Shortcuts are his or her middle name.  This salesperson operates on the false reality that good looks and charm will win and retain business.

  1. The EARN-IT salesperson recognizes that prospects and customers have lots of choices today. They never take good prospects or customers for granted. They know their best customer is someone else’s best prospect. They must EARN the business each day, and they do that by becoming the best advisor in their industry. They are experts in sales, influence, product knowledge and customer service. 

The GOOD-ENOUGH salesperson hasn’t really decided if they even want to be in sales or to work for their employer. As a result, they make half-hearted efforts with each engagement because one foot is always out the door. 

GOOD-ENOUGH salespeople aren’t good at making decisions so they default to status quo and -- GOOD ENOUGH!

As we move into the second half of the year, ask yourself this question: Do you have an earn-it mindset or a good-enough one?

Good Selling!


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