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Emotional Intelligence Driving Sales Performance Management

SalesLeadership is one of the world’s leading experts on emotionally intelligent sales and sales management training. We know that the unique integration of soft skills, Sales EQ, and sales leadership skills, Sales IQ, accelerates trust, consistent execution and sustainable sales results.

Founded in 2001, our mission is to integrate and educate sales leaders on emotional and sales intelligence to develop the next generation of sales professionals and create sales cultures of health and success.

SLI works with senior leadership to create sales teams that want to:

  • Build off the chart relationships with clients, not 'vendor-ships.' We help clients avoid the quick race to zero that happens with transactional business.
  • Practice competition and collaboration. It takes a sales village to win in today’s competitive environment.
  • Manage results not excuses. Emotionally intelligent sales teams embrace responsibility, accountability and execution.
  • Improve emotion management – even in the toughest selling situations. Soft skills do produce hard sales results.
  • Develop Sales IQ and Sales EQ. The result is more closed business, in less time, with the right customers.

"The only time you can afford not to change, grow or improve is when your competitor has made the same decision."

Colleen Stanley, President and Founder of SalesLeadership

Our Team

Meet Our Team of Emotionally Intelligent Sales Experts

Colleen Stanley, President at SalesLeadership

Colleen Stanley is president of SalesLeadership, a sales development firm specializing in the integration of emotional intelligence, sales and sales leadership skills. She is the the author of three books, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success, now published in eight languages, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Leadership and Growing Great Sales Teams.

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Prior to starting SalesLeadership, Colleen was vice president of sales and marketing for Varsity Spirit Corporation where she led a national sales team of over 100 sellers. Forbes Magazine named Varsity as one of the 200 fastest growing companies in the United States.

Colleen is a recipient of many awards for her work in sales development and thought leadership. Salesforce named Colleen one of the most influential sales figures in the 21st century and is recognized as one of the Top 30 Global Sales Gurus.

When Colleen is not speaking or training, she loves to hike, read and hang out with her husband Jim and friends in the foothills of Colorado.

Colleen Stanley

President & Founder

Julie Points, Sales Development Manager at SalesLeadership

Julie Points joined SalesLeadership in the summer of 2014 as our Business Manager. She has a diverse background which started in Lenexa, KS, working for a leading custom decorated apparel company. Increased responsibilities led her to start-up operations in Iowa and ultimately Texas, where she was promoted to Warehouse Manager for their Southwest Operations. With Julie's contributions, those facilities were recognized as the company's low-cost provider.

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After traveling to Colorado for family trips since childhood, her lifelong dream of living in Colorado came true in July 2013.

Her experience as an Office Manager in manufacturing and a Client Partner in the travel industry has been an asset to SalesLeadership in coordinating the various events that happen throughout the year. Preparing travel, training documents, and filming events along with Social Media Marketing are just a few of the duties Julie has taken on.

Julie hits the Fun Quota and takes advantage of the Colorado great outdoors with her husband by skiing, camping, and hiking with their Golden Retriever, Sheldon. She enjoys entertaining at home and looks forward to doing more of that in the upcoming months!


Julie Points

Sales Development MAnager

Will Mathews, Coach at SalesLeadership

For two decades, Will Matthews has helped organizations develop high-performing, effective leaders who care about the mission and the people they lead.

He calls on his experience as an Ironman Triathlete, Business Executive and Professional Development Expert to help teams and individuals break through limits and "blind spots" that hinder their ability to be fully effective.

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Will focuses on a strengths-based development approach. Through this coaching model, both emerging and established leaders can discover a more natural, congruent leadership style which leads to less stress, friction and pressure and, perhaps more importantly, more fun and joy in their role as leader.

Will is a Board Certified Executive and Leadership Coach, Certified in DISC and Personal Motivators Assessment tools and the author of the bestselling book, You've Got This! The 5 Self-Coaching Keys You Need to Live Boldly and Accomplish Anything.

Will Mathews


Rick Shaum, Facilitator, Coach, and Consultant at SalesLeadership

Rick Shaum’s sales training and coaching practice is built on the foundation of solid corporate business experience spanning several decades, where he established a solid reputation as a results-oriented personal producer, executive leader and developmental coach.

Prior to working as a trainer and coach full-time, Rick served as SVP – Sales and Marketing for a Canadian-based private equity portfolio company in the travel industry. As SVP – Sales and Marketing, he was responsible for an international sales and marketing effort that developed more than five thousand client relationships in more than fifty countries.

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Rick’s diverse business background has resulted in direct sales experience in a variety of industries, including advertising, directory publishing, real estate, printing, office machines, training, consulting and financial services. He "speaks the language of the C-Suite" and is able to coach both sales producers and sales executives.

Rick earned a Bachelor’s degree in Religion & Psychology from Vanguard University in southern California and his Master’s degree in Speech Communication from the University of New Mexico.

When Rick isn’t training and coaching, he enjoys reading, softball and skiing.

Rick Shaum

Facilitator, Coach & Consultant

Mary Brown, Accounting Specialist at SalesLeadership

Mary’s expertise in the finance world brings experience as a controller in various industries. From partnerships with companies in the contract furniture industry, IT services, landscaping and other fields, she is able to refine processes and procedures to take companies to the next level.

Mary worked with a team that was able to successfully re-engineer the order fulfillment process for a $75 million contract furniture company. Gross profit was raised, process redundancies were eliminated and past due accounts receivables were decreased.

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Mary also wrote manuals and successfully trained 20-plus employees on an industry specific software.

Mary loves anything crafty! She is currently selling homemade items at a local co-op gift boutique. When she is not crunching numbers, she is at her sewing machine, making cards, or decorating wine glasses and making wine charms.


Mary Brown

Business Systems & Accounting Specialist

Representative Client List

Harvard Business Review
Orlando Magic
Bic Graphics
 US Foods
First American
Home Advisor

We practice what we preach and don't make recommendations without a face-to-face appointment or phone consultation.

Client Testimonials

Rave Reviews for SalesLeadership, Inc.


The Ei Selling® System allowed me to focus on driving results.

"As a young newcomer to sales, the Ei Selling® Boot Camp brought much needed clarity to a noisy world. Colleen’s Ei Selling® system helped me see gaps in my performance and uncover the underlying causes. Her system has brought structure into my process and allowed me to focus on driving results."

David Shaum

Professional Recruiter

Carter Mackenzie International

Karen Short, Universal Companies

I have worked with SalesLeadership for over 10 years!

"I am a former sales leader, now CEO. Sales management is one of the most challenging aspects of growing a business. Business has evolved with the application of new technologies, but sales and sales management is still reliant on human connections. That’s why I have worked with SalesLeadership for over 10 years!"

Karen Short


Universal Companies

Simon Lawler, Otterbox

The complete package for anyone looking to grow sales results.

"Colleen manages to effectively close the knowing-and-doing gap by blending expert sales knowledge with neuroscience and emotional intelligence. It is the complete package for anyone looking to grow sales results."

Simon Lawler


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