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May 24, 2024

 (5:35 Video) “Embracing AI: Transforming Sales Leadership with Innovation”

In this article, Rob Ulsh, VP of Dealer and International Sales for Great Dane, delves into AI’s profound impact on the sales landscape and how Great Dane has strategically incorporated this technology to propel its sales initiatives forward.

He highlights how AI transforms sales by helping professionals understand prospects’ needs swiftly. Despite AI’s power, he stresses human judgment’s crucial role in effectively interpreting its outputs.

He also underscores a critical imperative for sales leaders and managers: to embrace AI as a transformative force in the sales domain and actively encourage their teams to harness its capabilities to drive enhanced performance and productivity. By fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability, sales leaders can empower their teams to leverage AI tools effectively, thereby positioning their organizations for sustained success in an ever-evolving sales landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Established companies can embrace AI to drive sales success.
  • AI can be used by salespeople to gather information about prospects and their pain points.
  • AI is not always perfect and requires human judgment.
  • Sales leaders and managers should embrace AI and encourage their teams to utilize it effectively.
  • The use of AI in sales is an evolving process, and its adoption will likely become more widespread in the future.

Summary Video Article:

Title: Embracing AI: Transforming Sales Leadership with Innovation

Byline: From an interview with sales leadership and coaching experts Colleen Stanley and Steven Rosen, along with their guest speaker Rob Ulsh, VP of Dealer and International Sales for Great Dane


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently become a buzzword, with many industries exploring its potential applications. In the sales profession, AI is seen as both a threat and an opportunity. While some fear AI will replace salespeople, others recognize its potential to enhance their performance and drive better results. 

This article will delve into a discussion with Rob Ulsh, VP of Dealer and International Sales, from Great Dane, a 124-year-old company that has embraced AI to transform its sales processes. We will explore the key takeaways from their discussion and discuss the impact of AI on sales.

Leveraging AI in Sales

Great Dane, a company with a long history, understands the importance of adapting to new technologies to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Rob highlights the significance of embracing AI in sales. He acknowledges that sales have undergone significant transformations over the years. The company has embraced AI and encouraged its sales team to do the same.

Rob explains that AI can be a powerful tool for salespeople, providing valuable insights and information to enhance their prospecting efforts. For example, AI can analyze industry trends, customer segmentation, and pain points, allowing salespeople to tailor their approach and have more meaningful conversations with potential clients. He emphasizes that AI is like a sounding board or coach, offering a wealth of information that can help salespeople formulate their strategies and approaches.

The Organic Adoption of AI

When it comes to implementing AI in sales organizations, Great Dane has taken an organic approach. Currently, there are no requirements or standards around the use of AI. Salespeople can decide how they leverage AI based on their working knowledge and comfort level. However, Rob notes that as more leaders and managers become adept at using AI, its adoption will likely trickle down to the entire sales team.

He draws a parallel between adopting AI and using LinkedIn for prospecting. Initially, LinkedIn was not enforced as a standard procedure, but over time, it became an essential tool for sales professionals. Similarly, he envisions a future where leveraging AI for prospecting and customer research becomes standard practice in sales organizations.

Accelerating the Adoption of AI

Rob suggests that continuous learning and open conversations about AI are keys to accelerating the adoption of AI in sales organizations. The adoption rate will likely increase as salespeople become more comfortable with AI and share their experiences and insights. Managers and leaders play a crucial role in this process by engaging with AI and encouraging their teams to do the same.

He also highlights the importance of shaping conversations with AI. Salespeople can experiment with different prompts and approaches to get the most out of AI. By instructing AI to provide information in a specific manner or using a certain language, salespeople can tailor their interactions and make the most of the insights generated.


Rob Ulsh’s discussion sheds light on AI’s impact on sales and the importance of embracing this technology. Great Dane’s organic adoption of AI demonstrates that it is not just the domain of technology leaders but can be successfully integrated into traditional industries. AI provides sales professionals valuable insights and information to enhance their prospecting efforts and customer interactions. However, it is crucial to remember that AI is not infallible and should be used as a tool rather than a replacement for human judgment.

As AI evolves and learns rapidly, sales professionals must keep pace with these advancements. Continuous learning, open conversations, and experimentation with AI will accelerate its adoption in sales organizations. The future of sales lies in the seamless integration of AI and human expertise, enabling salespeople to deliver exceptional results in an ever-changing business landscape.

The awakening of a sales leader is not just about personal growth but also about the success of the entire sales organization. By navigating the challenges and embracing the opportunities, sales leaders can lead their teams to new heights of achievement and create a culture of excellence.

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