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As a sales manager, you want a predictable sales forecast, a sales process that ensures consistent revenues and a team of high performers who reliably achieve sales results. The problem is in today’s volatile and ever-changing marketplace, customers have changed how they do business. What brought success in the past isn’t guaranteed to work in the future.

At SalesLeadership, our sales workshops, sales management training, and speaking programs equip you and your sales team with the skills, habits and proven processes to consistently outperform the competition and drive lasting results.

Colleen Stanley's Sales Leadership Development Programs
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In Today’s Highly Competitive Marketplace, You Can’t Afford a Sales Team That…

Lacks emotional intelligence: Self-awareness, emotion management and empathy

Can’t demonstrate competence and confidence when meeting with the C-Suite

Gets flustered during negotiations and defaults to selling on price not value

Doesn’t have a proven sales playbook resulting in deal slippage

Defaults to blame and excuses rather than accountability and responsibility

The Missing Component in Your Sales Strategy.

You have the best sales team, the latest technology, information, and education, yet only 53% of sales representatives are meeting or exceeding their quotas.

The one piece most sales leaders neglect is hiring for and developing Emotional Intelligence skills.

Learn how emotional intelligence and the developing critical soft skills required for relationship-building outperform yet more sales technology and fad techniques.

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Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership by Colleen Stanley

You Need a Sales Team That Consistently Outperforms.

Develop the soft skills, (EQ) hard skills, (IQ) sales processes and strategies so you can start seeing immediate sales results.

Achieve Predictable Sales Results

Build a great sales organization by establishing the infrastructure needed for sustainable sales success

Implement Proven Strategies

Our proven sales training strategies will enhance the performance of your team and improve management effectiveness

Attract High Performers

Learn how to implement the processes and compensation plans designed to attract and keep top sales producers

Effectively Prospect for New Leads

Today's customer is changing how the do business. Understand the strategies and tactics required to successfully prospect your most ideal leads

Improve Sales / Leadership Skills

Set your sales managers up for success by giving them the skills required to lead and develop your sales organization


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Working with SalesLeadership resulted in 26% growth

"After working with SalesLeadership, my ability to hire the right players and lead them has resulted in 26% growth for my organization.  If you’re serious about becoming an effective sales leader, SalesLeadership will help you accomplish that goal by giving you REAL and EFFECTIVE tools to lead, train and achieve."

Dan Flanagan

Chief Sales Officer

BluSKY Restoration Contractors

Sales teams that excel---beyond even their wildest dreams

"Sales Leadership is masterful at guiding sales managers through the application of emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, assertiveness and emotion management. Their courses also give you the pragmatic sales planning and coaching tools for creating sales teams that excel---beyond even their wildest dreams."

Polly Lestikow



We have increased our sales success rate by more than 50% 

"As a result of SalesLeadership's sales training program, we now focus our sales opportunities where quantifiable pain can be identified, have eliminated chasing suspects that we thought were prospects, and have a structured process for holding our sales team accountable. We have increased our sales success rate by more than 50% by working smarter and pursuing fewer more qualified business opportunities."

Jeff Kassal

Area Vice President



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Self-Awareness & Effective Sales Management

The best sales leaders are able to manage their emotions so they can continue to execute the right coaching and training skills.

Yet too often emotions, not effective coaching and influence skills, get in the way of the ability for sales managers to effectively lead. It’s the classic sales management knowing-and-doing gap.