Soft Skills. Hard Sales Results.

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Keynotes for Sales Meetings and Conferences

How can a sales meeting make you money? You are spending money on travel, lodging, food and entertainment. Is it worth it? The short answer is yes.

What your profit and loss statement doesn’t capture is:

  • Camaraderie built by meeting and exchanging ideas with peers
  • Getting motivated by thought leaders (SalesLeadership)
  • Learning new and better ways to sell and influence
  • Education that compounds. A onetime investment yields years of results

In a high tech world, never forget the value of high personal touch with members of your sales team. Click here for Colleen's speaker page.

We practice what we preach and don't make recommendations without a face-to-face appointment or phone consultation. Call us at 877-541-4604 today.

Consultative Sales Training

Ei Selling® - Emotional Intelligence and Consultative Sales Training

SalesLeadership is in the business of creating disciplined, focused, and professional sales teams. Our clients won’t and don’t settle for mediocrity.

SalesLeadership’s powerful Ei Selling® system helps sales teams eliminate empty sales pipelines, sell on value, not price, and hold sales conversations at the right level in the organizations. We know that soft skills produce hard sales results.

Top salespeople know how to read their prospects, develop relationships and most importantly, manage themselves and their actions. Ei Selling® combines emotional intelligence skills and consultative selling skills. Product knowledge is a commodity. People knowledge is priceless. Click here for more information.

Sales Management Training

Ei Sales Management® - The Emotionally Intelligent Sales Manager

You’ve heard this story before Top salesperson gets promoted to sales management and is frustrated by their ability to duplicate themselves or top performers. The skills that got them promoted are entirely different than the skills needed to hire, lead and develop a sales team.

Denver Sales Management Training | SalesLeadership, Inc.

Here are some of the common challenges we hear AND solve for sales managers:

  • Not sure how to interview for true winners. The person at the interview didn’t show up for work. (That dog don’t hunt.)
  • No formal sales process in place so you are coaching 20 different playbooks
  • Not sure how to hire top sales talent. Too much turnover---hiring good interviewer not good salesperson...
  • No formal sales process in place so you are coaching 20 different playbooks---which you can't...
  • Missing sales forecast and reporting to an unhappy CEO...
  • Not sure how to transfer the skills that made you a top producer...
  • Tired of giving feedback that is met with defensiveness and excuses...
  • Desire to build a sales team that is highly competitive and collaborative...

Click here for more information about sales management training. If you're ready for strategies specific to your organization, please call SalesLeadership, Inc. at 877-541-4604 today.